GoI Post Matric Scholarships Minority Students Online Apply 2023 at scholarships.gov.in

GoI Post Matric Scholarships Minority Students Online Apply 2023 at scholarships.gov.in

GoI Post Matric scholarships for students who belong to Minority Community, Post Matric scholarships for students of minority Important dates for Post-Matric Scholarships, Final Date, AP, and TS Post Matric Scholarships. Post Matric Minority Scholarships The new 15 Point Program to ensure the welfare of Minorities was announced in June. It stipulates that the post-matriculation scholarship scheme for highly regarded students who are from minority groups will be introduced.

The purpose of this scheme is to grant Post Matric scholarships to meritorious students who are from the economically weaker segments of the minorities to offer them more chances to pursue higher education and increase their rates of graduation from higher education and increase their chances of employment.

The Post Matric Scholarship is to be awarded for studies in India in a government or private higher secondary school/college/university, including such residential institutes of the Government and eligible private institutes selected and notified in a transparent manner by the State Government/Union Territory Administration concerned.

MOMA Post Matric Scholarship 2023

Post-Matric Scholarships for Minority StudentsPost-Matric Scholarships for Minority Students
It also covers vocational and technical training courses at Industrial Training Institutes/ Industrial Training Centres that are affiliated with the National Council for Vocational Training (NCVT) that are of classes at XI and XII levels, including Polytechnics or other programs (any course with shorter than one year’s duration is not covered by this scheme. certificates are not included). The scheme is being developed and is funded by the Ministry of Minority Affairs through the Administration of States/UT.

Post Matric Scholarships for Minority Students 2023 Details
Name of the Scholarship Post Matric Scholarship for Minority Students
Title Post Matric Scholarship for Minority Students 2023
Category Scholarship
Scheme Closing Date 30-11-2023
Official Website https://scholarships.gov.in/
Post Scholarship for Minority Students
Announcement of the program is expected to be made public by the relevant State Government/Union Territory Administration well on time, via ads in the top local newspapers and local papers and other suitable public relations media.

GoI Pre-matric/Post matric/Merit Cum Means Scholarships for students of minority 2023
Pre-Matric Scholarship from GOI For Minority students 2023. Apply on scholarships.gov.in
GoI Post Matric Scholarships for students with disabilities 2023. To apply, visit scholarships.gov.in
Eligibility For eligibility: The Minorities Post Martic scholarship will be given to students who have at least 50% or an equivalent grade in the last final exam and whose annual income of the parents/guardians from all sources is in no way exceeding Rs.2 lakh.

Selection Procedure
The selection procedure Selection Procedure Post Matrict Scholarships: Unlike the scholarship offered to SC and ST There is a set number of scholarships available for minorities. The number of scholarships is very limited. Students who come from BPL families with the lowest income will be given priority in the ascending order. Renewal applications would be completely exhausted before new applications are evaluated.

Fresh Post-Matric Scholarships – Since the amount of scholarships available to minorities in one year is limited and fixed It is essential to establish a the criteria for selecting. The weightage of selection for inter-we must give priority to the poor, rather as marks (the applicant must present an income proof according to para-11(ii)). If the applicant has the same income merit is calculated through the ‘Date Of birth’ criteria of the applicants (senior will be preferred).

Minority Post Matric Scholarship Details
Item Details
Scholarship Name Minority Post Matric Scholarship 2021
Number of Post Matric Scholarships No Limit
Courses Class XI & XII,
UG & PG Level Courses
Pragati Award Amount. Rs.7000 per year for Class XI and Class the XII
B. Rs.10000 per year for classes XI and XII technical as well as vocational classes
c. Rs.3,000 for UG & PG level Courses
The family income should not exceed 2 Lakh
Modality of Payment The winner will receive a scholarship payment through DBT on a regular basis.
Post Matric Scholarship Details
Renewal of Post-Matric scholarships – There there is no merit lists to generate for renewal applications. A renewal application can be awarded the scholarship if they attained 50% marks in their previous year’s exam (at the same institution and with the same course) and if the application is approved by all authorities (as determined by the Ministry of Minority Affairs) and is approved by the States Authorities/UTs.

The award once made can be renewed in the following school year based on the production of a certificate that the student achieved 50 percent marks from the previous year’s exam (provided students are enrolled in the same program and the identical Institute/School).

The duration of Post-Matric Scholarships: The scholarships will be offered for the duration of the duration of the course. But, maintenance allowances are available for a maximum of 10 months within an academic year.

An announcement of the plan is expected to be announced by the relevant State Government/Union Territory Administration well at the right time, using ads in the top local newspapers and local papers as well as other appropriate media for publicity.

A PATTERN OF FINANCIAL ASSISTANCE The scheme is called the Central Sector Scheme and 100 percent of the funding is supplied through the Ministry of Minority Affairs.

Post Matric Scholarship Amount
Rate of Post Matric Post Minority Award: The actual financial aid is provided for the tuition and admission fees and maintenance allowances as stated below, subject to a ceiling that is specified against the item of interest for some time during the academic year.

Rate of Scholarship Admission + Tuition Fee

Admission and tuition fees Fee for tuition and admission XI and XII. 7,000/- per year subject to the actuals (both Hosteller & Day Scholar)
Fees for admission and tuition fees for vocational and technical courses at XI and the XII levels (Courses with one or more years duration) Cost: Rs. 10,000/- for each year subject to the current rates (both Hosteller and Day Scholar)
Fee for admission and tuition applicable to UG & PG level: Amount: Rs. 3000/- per year subject to the actuals (both Hosteller and Day Scholar)
Maintenance Allowance:

For Class XI and IX, which includes Technology. & Voc. Course*: Rs. 380/- per month for Hosteller & Rs. 230 per month for Day Scholars. Day Scholar
For courses other than Tech. and Prof. Courses at UG and PG levels* The cost is Amount: Rs. 570/- per month for Hosteller & Rs. 300 per month for Day Scholars. Day Scholar
For M.Phil & Ph.D.*: Rs. 1,200/- per month for Hosteller & Rs. 500/- per month for Day Scholars Day Scholar
How To Apply for Post Matric Scholarship for Minority Students 2023?
All Christian Minority students are aware of the scholarship opportunities available through the National Scholarship Portal (NSP portal) and if they meet the criteria for eligibility, applicants can apply on the National Scholarship Registration portal. After submitting online the original application and all of the enclosures below must be submitted to the Executive Director (Minorities Welfare) of the district concerned. The steps below must follow to submit an application that is successful on the portal.

Go to the scholarships.gov.in website
Minority students need to visit the official website of the NSP portal, https://scholarships.gov.in in your device browser.

Click on New User. Register Link
Once you have accessed the official site, select the “New User Registration button on the homepage. The applicant must read and comprehend the registration rules. Once you’ve pressed one of the radio buttons click on on”Continue” button.

Fill out the Fresh Registration Form
When you click on the link, a new Registration form will open. Then, select the option for the Post Matric or MCor the Best Class of Class 11 12, UG, PG, etc. in the Scholarship category and choose Post Matric Scholarship. Post Matric Scholarship. Then, fill in the form with all the required details and then click the register button. Then, fill in the form with all the required details and then click the Register button. The student will receive a unique application ID and password by sending an SMS to the given (registered) cellphone number.

Click on Login to Apply Link
After completing the your new registration Once you have completed the new registration process, you are able to click after completing the registration process, click on Login to Apply button on the homepage. After that, the Login for Fresh Application web page will appear on your device.

Enter Login details
On the login page The Minority student must sign in to NSP by using the an application ID and password that were supplied during the registration. Click on”Login button. In this page, the Minority student has to change their password after the first time they log in. The password must be protected and kept confidentially. The student is able to change the mobile number before their first session, i.e. before changing the password received.

Select the Application Form link
After you click the login button the dashboard for applicants will appear. After that, click “Application Form” to continue to fill out the application for the scholarship.

Fill the Application Form
When you click on the link for application forms, an the web page for application forms will open. The Application Form is split into three parts, i.e., Registration Information, Academic Details, Basic Information. Minority students should complete all the required information in the application form . upload all documents supporting this application form. After that, click on the “Final Submit” button.

Print the Application Form

Once you have clicked the submit button After clicking submit, your application will be successfully submitted. Then, print and save your an application form for further to refer to.

Method of Application the concerned State Government or Union Territory Administration will provide the application forms, until the time computers are operational. The application forms should be received back along with requisite certificates/certifications within the stipulated period. Now Govt. of India has provided the possibility to applicants to apply online through the official website.

The scheme is run via The National Scholarship Portal (NSP). It is compulsory for all students to submit an application online through the NSP website i.e. www.scholarships.gov.in. The structure of Financial Assistance: 100 percent of the funding will be provided through Central Government to the Central Government to the State Government/Union Territory Administration.

The award will be made to students who have scored minimum 50% or an equivalent grade in their previous final examination , and whose annual income of their parents/guardians from any source does do not reach Rs.2 lakh. As opposed to the scholarships offered specifically for SC and ST There is certain amount of minorities’ scholarships and a preference for the choice has been set. Students who come from BPL families with the lowest income will be given priority in the ascending order.
The renewal applications will be completely exhausted before new ones are even considered.
The scholarship will be terminated when a student does not get 50% marks or an equivalent grades in their last final exam. The scholarship will not be awarded for more than the normal period of time taken to obtain certificate/degree/M. Phil degree/doctorate degree.
Scholarships cannot be granted for more than 2 children in one family.
The students should be regular in attendance for which the yardstick will be decided by the competent authority of the school/college/university.
Income certificate must be made at a self-certification level through an affidavit using a the non-judicial seal paper of parents who are self-employed as well as from an employer’s letterhead for parents who are employed.
The school/college/university authority will certify the claim of the student of being an outstation student not residing in the hostel of the institution concerned on the basis of permanent address and parents address.
Transferring students from one institution to the next is not permitted during the an academic year, except in extraordinary circumstances and to further the student’s academic development.
If a student is found to be in violation of any other condition or term that are part of the award, the award could be revoked or suspended. In addition, the State Government/Union Territory Administration can also cancel the scholarship directly when it is satisfied with the causes for a infraction to these rules that govern the scheme.
If a student is found to have obtained a scholarship by false statement/certificates, his/her scholarship will be cancelled forthwith and the amount of the scholarship paid shall be recovered, at the discretion of the concerned State Government/Union Territory Administration.
It is expected that the State Government/Union Territory Administration will define the specific procedure for processing and approving of scholarships for students who are eligible.
Course fee/tuition fee will be credited to the schools/colleges/institutions bank account. The effort will be made to electronic transfer through banks.
Maintenance allowances will be added to the student’s account in the bank. There will be efforts made for electronic transfer through banks.
State Government/Union Territory Administration State Government/Union Territory Administration will keep a separate account as well as documents pertaining to the funds that are received by the Ministry and will be inspected by officers who are part of the Ministry or any other government agency that is designated to be inspected by the Ministry.
The student who receives benefits from this scheme of scholarship will not be permitted to benefit from any scholarship program with the same reason.
It is the responsibility of State Government/ Union Territory Administration will form an advisory committee of departments responsible for implementing these scholarship schemes to ensure that students of the minority community that may be a part of the to the SC/ST/OBC categories, do not get scholarships from different sources with the same goal and can only get it from only one source.
The funds for the distribution of scholarships for the following seasons will release upon receiving the utilization certificate from the preceding year.
The program will be reviewed at regular timeframes, by Ministry Ministry and any organization appointed as such by the Ministry and the costs of the study of evaluation will be covered by the Ministry in accordance with the scheme.
The State/Union Territory must publish the relevant information regarding physical and financial achievements in their websites.
The rules can be modified at any point at the sole discretion of Government of India.
“After submitting applications online, take a print out of application & submit it in the Institutions/College.”

Documents to be attached
Aadhar Card
Photo with signature
Last year’s List of marks
Residential Proof
Self Declaration of Income Proof.
Self-declaration of Religious Certificate.
Bank Passbook made of xerox and IFSC Number.
Post-Matric Scholarships ePass Website:
Fresh Post-Matric Scholarships Available to SC, ST, BC and disabled/minority students. Registrations will open for AP students and then open to TS Students
Renewal of post-matriculant scholarships: of SC, ST, BC and Disabled/Minority students for Registrations to open for AP students, and later available to TS Students
Minority Scholarship Application on Online for AP Students: https://epass.apcfss.in/ OR http://jnanabhumi.ap.gov.in/
Minority Scholarship Application on Online for TS Students: http://telanganaepass.cgg.gov.in/-
GOI Post matric Scholarships to Minority Students. Application the internet the website for applicants: scholarships.gov.in
Rules / Conditions for Post Matric Scholarships:
(i) The scholarship is awarded to students in the classes I and XII which include vocational and technical courses at this level , including the Polytechnics course, ITIs in addition to other subjects.
(ii) A Income Certificate issued by an Competent Authority in the State/UT Governments, is required to be presented in the case of the parent/guardian.
(iii) (iii) A self-certified Community certificate is necessary by the student who is the age of 18. For all other students, a Community Certificate certified by parent/guardian of the student is required.
(iv) The continued existence of the award (for renewal applicants) is subject to getting 50 percent marks from the previous year’s exam (provided that the student follows the same program and at the identical Institute/School).
(v) Maintenance allowances will be given to day scholars and hostellers.
(vi) The scholarship will not be awarded in excess of two children within one family (applicable for all Scholarship programs specifically designed for minorities within this Ministry).
(vii) Students must be on time to which the standard will be determined by the authority in charge of the school.
(viii) The school or institute will verify the claim of the student that they are an outstation school student that is not in the hostel of the institution or school in question on the basis of the permanent address and the address of parents.
(ix) Transfer of students from one institution or school to another is not permitted to renew applicants during the academic program.
(x) If the student is found to be in violation of school discipline or other conditions or terms that apply to the award, it could be revoked or suspended. This is because the State Government/Union Territory Administration can also cancel the scholarship directly when it is satisfied with the causes of the violations of the regulations that govern the scheme.
(xi) If the student is discovered to have received the scholarship with a fraudulent declaration, the scholarship will be canceled immediately as well as the value of scholarship will be refunded by the relevant State/UT Govt.
(xii) The tuition/course fees and maintenance allowances will be transferred directly to the student’s bank account in Direct Benefit Transfer (DBT) mode.
(xiii) The student who is able to avail benefits through this scheme shall not be able to avail of any other scheme to achieve this.
(xiv) (xiv): A student must be entitled to only one scholarship from the scholarships offered by the Central Government meant for SC/ST/OBCor minorities.
(xv) Amount of administrative expenses (@ 2 %) for states/UTs on the following page 4 of the 5 years will be made available following receipt of the utilization certificate for the preceding years.
(xvi) The program will be evaluated on a regular basis at times by either The Ministry as well as any organization appointed as such by the Ministry and the expense to conduct the review will be paid through the Ministry of Minority Affairs under the provisions of the program.
(xvii) (xvii) The state or the Union Territories will publish all pertinent details of physical and financial achievements in their websites. (xviii) The rules can be modified at any point according to the decision of the Government of India.
(xix) (xix) It is required for applicants who are eligible to furnish an Aadhaar number when they apply for the scholarship. In casean applicant is not a holder of Aadhaar one may provide information of other identification documents, as specified within the Gazette Notification S.O. No. 1284 (E) No. 1137, as of 21.04.2017 (as as per Appendix C).
(xx) Student who has filled in Aadhaar on their application online in a correct manner and Aadhaar seeded by one of their bank accounts In these cases, the amount of the scholarship will be transferred to an Aadhaar that is seeded in the account (though the student has not mentioned any other bank account that is not seeded in the online application).
ADMINISTRATIVE expenses: Since the volume of data that needs to be processed and entered will be huge as the program is adopted over time There would be an imperative to recruit competent personnel at the beginning of the process to ensure that the computerized database systems are functioning.

Highly skilled and qualified personnel with the skills to use computer programs specially designed for this purpose, analyze, enter, process monitor, retrieve, and transfer information should be employed on a contract basis in accordance with the needs. The data provided by the States or Union Territories will be kept and controlled by the Ministry along with other personnel with similar skills to be employed on a contract basis.

A budget not exceeding 2percent of the budget will be allocated to cover the administrative costs and other costs , including. the expenditure on behalf of States/Union Territories, and of the Ministry for office equipment, such as furniture and computers, as well as for furniture printing application forms and advertisements, the engagement of staff, etc.

This provision will also be used for evaluation and monitoring of the scheme, through outside reputed institutions/agencies engaged by the Ministry of Minority Affairs, Government of India and the State Governments/Union Territory Administrations.

Monitoring and Transparency Monitoring and Transparency: The State/Union Territory must keep year-wise information about the students who are awarded scholarships, including the institution/school, the location of the institution/school and whether it is private or public, gender, class, new or renewed address permanent address, and the address of parents. The Statesand Union Territories shall place relevant financial and physical information on their official website.

EVALUATION: The monitoring of the financial and physical performance of the scheme will be evaluated by assigning evaluation/impact studies to reputed institutions/agencies by the Ministry of Minority Affairs, Government of India

Instructions for the details of a bank account (to be filled out by students when filling out the online application forms are as below):

(i) Students need to select their bank/branch’s name with care in the drop-down menu.
(ii) After that, the complete account number. must be correctly entered. Students are advised to get the correct account number from the concerned Bank Branch including Bank account number and IFS Code.
(iii) (iii) Disclaimer (*If the bank information provided by the students turn out to be to be incorrect or not verified by the bank of the student The amount of the scholarship will be cancelled and is not transferred, even if the application is accepted for the scholarships). (iv) bank account holders should verify their “Know Your Customer’ (KYC) status from their bank and, if needed, the KYC is required to ensure successful transfer of the scholarship amount. (v) Bank Account must be active and operational until the time the scholarship is distributed.
(vi) Bank Account must be in a scheduled Bank with a core banking facility and a valid IFS Code.
(vii) (vii) Bank Account must be held in only the name and name of applicant/student only.
Pre Matric Scholarships
Post Matric Scholarships
Merit Cum Means Scholarships
(Frequently Asked Questions) FAQs
Who are eligible to the Post Matric Scholarship Scheme?
Students who belong to six minority communities that are notified, which include. Muslim, Christian, Sikh, Buddhist, Jain, Parsi (Zoroastrian) and studying within India only and meeting the Scheme guidelines can apply for these scholarships.

What are the criteria for eligibility for the Post Matric Scholarship Scheme for Minorities under the National Scholarship?
Post Matric Scholarships are available to minority students studying in Class 11 through the PhD degree
Students must be able to score at minimum 50percent marks on their previous qualifying exam.
Family income should not exceed INR 2 lakh from any source.

How do I submit an online application to apply for Post Matric scholarship?
The Pre-Matric Scholarship Schemes are online Schemes and one can apply for fresh or renewal Scholarship under any of these Schemes on the National Scholarship Portal (NSP) at www.scholarships.gov.in.

The Portal’s link is also available on the official website from the Ministry of Minority Affairs, i.e. www.minorityaffairs.gov.in.

An online undertaking must be registered through the NSP by applicants over the age of 18 years, and also by their parent or guardian in the case of applicants who are younger than 18 years old.

What documents should be uploaded on the Portal to apply in the application process for Post Matric Scholarship?
Look up the list of documents.
Aadhar Card Aadhar Card, photo signed by the person who issued it, last Year List of marks, Residence Proof self-declaration of income Proof Self-declaration of Religious Certificate Bank Passbook xerox, with IFSC Number.

What should be the type and dimensions of the documents to be uploaded?
The file’s format must be.pdf or .jpeg and the size of the document is not more than 200 kb.

What documents are needed to be given to the Institute/School/College for verification of online application on the Portal after applying for Post Matric Scholarship?
The list of documents to be submitted by the applicant for Fresh Scholarship, under any of the three Schemes’, for verification of her/his online application by the Institute/School/College is as mentioned under required documents for verification

What is Institute Verification Certificate?
In order for students to apply for scholarships through any of the 3 Schemes, the School or Institute must appoint a Nodal Officer. The Nodal Officer must register himself/herself through the portal (NSP). The template for the “Institute the Nodal Officer’s Registration Form’ can be found in Annexure-I.

What is an UID/Aadhaar number?
The UID number, also called ‘Aadhaar’ is a unique identification number issued by the Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI). The Aadhaar Number must be seeded (linked) to the account at which the amount of the Scholarship is for transfer. Banks have a variety of methods of connecting Aadhaar to the bank account . Applicants are able to obtain the information from their website or the relevant bank, or contact the bank with a photocopy from the Aadhaar card.

What exactly is Aadhaar Based Payment?
Students/Applicants who have filled in their Aadhaar on their application online in the correct way and in the event that they have their Aadhaar has been linked with one of their bank accounts in these cases, any amount awarded to the Scholarship will be transferred to the Aadhaar associated bank account, regardless of whether the student not mentioned any other non-Aadhaar linked bank account on their online application.

Can I modify the information already saved, and at what point?
You can modify incomplete or draft data completed by you up to the point you submit your online form. To edit your application, click on the tab “Student login”- enter the ID of the applicant, and click the submit “login” button

Does anyone have an Application ID?
Yes. An application ID will be issued to the applicant once their application has been submitted online. The ID will be sent to applicants via SMS. Students are advised to keep their ID because it is required when applying for renewal in the following years. The receipt of an ID is not a guarantee of a scholarship.

What should I do if have forgotten what is my Application ID?
The procedure to recollect the Application ID is as in the following: “Student login-*>Forgot Registration Details?” then fill in the fields in the standard way and then click “Get Registration details”.

What can I do what should I do if what should I do if my Institute name isn’t appearing in the list that appears in the drop-downs of Institutes on the application form?
You may ask your institute to contact the concerned State Department for their registration through U-DISE/AISHE/NCVT(DGT) code available on the NSP portal.

What should I do If I can’t locate the Course names in the drop-down menu?
It is recommended that you immediately go to the institution (where the course you’re studying) to log into their account and select the course you are interested in from the Master Course list. Then, you might find the name of the course you want to study on the online form.
If the course you are looking for is not listed even on the master course list in your Institute login, you or your Institute must immediately contact the relevant State Department (where your Institute is located) to include the course. The course’s name and duration, along with supporting documents should be submitted to the Department of State.

What should I do to verify whether my applications are in the process of being processed?
You must sign in under the tab ‘Student Login Entering your Application ID and Password. After logging in, you’ll be able to access the option “Check your Status’. You can view your online status.

What should I do before making any call/inquiry/representation at helpdesk of National Informatics Centre (NIC) and/or Ministry of Minority Affairs (MoMA)?
The applicant must first verify the status of his/her account on NSP as per Q. No. 17 and then make any call/inquiry/representation at helpdesk of the National Informatics Centre (NIC) and/or Ministry of Minority Affairs (MoMA).

What is the procedure for checking my application?
The application needs to be checked at the school/institute level, and later at the domicile district or domicile state/UT level. You can contact the appropriate authority for verification of your application within the timeframe provided by the NSP portal.

Ministry of Minority Affairs will give the scholarship amount only if the application has been checked and approved through all the verification agencies. If your application is denied by any authorities for whatever reason won’t receive the amount of the scholarship.

How do I determine if the scholarship amount is being credited to my account at the bank or not?
You can view the status of your transaction on the PFMS site i.e. www.pfms.nic.in under “Know Your Payment” (https://pfms.nic.in/static/NewLayoutCommonContent.aspx?RequestPagename=s tactic/KnowYourPayment.aspx ) option on the home page.

What can I do to ensure the successful transfer of the Scholarship to my banking account?
You should keep your account open to be able to access the scholarship amount (till the time of disbursement of scholarships). Check with your bank to confirm that your account has not become shut or inactive. Also, ensure the account you are using is unaffected by any limit on transactions or other restrictions until the award of the scholarship has been made to your account so that you avoid any risk of failure of transactions or refund of the scholarship amount.
It is important to note that in the event the scholarship is returned due to a failure in transaction or sum, not a possibility of re-payment, and the Ministry of Minority Affairs is not responsible for this infraction.

How can I find the address and the name of the Nodal Officer or State Department of my State?
The name and contact details of the Nodal Officer/State Department of all States/UTs are available under the link of the Ministry of Minority Affairs on the home page of the National Scholarship Portal (NSP) (https://scholarships.gov.in/public/nodalOfficersList/NationalMeans-cumMeritScholarshipScheme.pdf )

What fields can be edited by the verification authority i.e. for Institute/District/State while verifying of online application?
At Institute level at the Institute level, only ‘Fee’ can edit by the responsible Institute. However, at the district/state level the authorities that verify students, ‘Aadhaar Number as well as the mobile number of the student able to be modified.

What should I do if I come to know after final submission, that my application is ‘defected’ by the Institute/District/State verifying authority?
In case the application is marked as ‘defected’ by the Institute/District/State, the application will be reverted to the student for correction of the defect in his/her application form. The student can fix the issue and submit the application again to be re-verified within the timeframe provided on the NSP.

What should I do if I come to know after final submission, that my application is ‘rejected’ by the Institute/District/State verifying authority?
In case the application is marked as ‘rejected’ by the Institute/District/State, the application will not be considered for the award of the scholarship.

What do I need to do in case encounter a technical issue when applying for a scholarship through the NSP portal?
You can immediately register your complaint through the link https://scholarships.gov.in/fresh/complaintspage or accessing Complaints -> Register Complaints on the home page of the NSP website or call on the Helpline number 0120-6619540 or send mail by e-mail id: helpdesk@nsp.gov.in.

MODIFICATION (if any, from 2017-18 and Modifications (if any) during 2017-18 to) Minor changes that are not in the scheme that do not have a financial impact can be made in the hands of the Competent Authority in the Ministry of Minority Affairs without having recourse to the SFC/EFC/Cabinet. However, the Ministry of Finance and the Department of Expenditure will be Consulted.