National Fellowship Persons Disabilities Online Apply 2023 NFPWD Application at

National Fellowship Persons with Disabilities 2023 Application for NFPWD Online at

UGC National Fellowship for Persons with Disabilities. People with disabilities have the benefit of knowing that they aren’t secluded from any person in society. This has been proved in a variety of instances. The majority are, however, not able to the ability to access higher-education or research. The objective is to build confidence. UGC Invites Application For PwD National Fellowship. Students are able to register online until February 15th and must submit the required documents in order to take advantage benefits of NFPwD Fellowship for the selection period 2023-23.

The regulator for higher education, the University Grants Commission, has requested submissions for applications to the National Fellowship for Persons with Disabilities (NFPwD) for the 2020-21 year of selection. Indian citizens in the persons with disabilities category who wish the pursuit of the degree of an MPhil or PhD are eligible to apply for the national fellowship for Individuals with Disabilities.

Students are able to register online until February 15 and then submit the necessary documents to be eligible for the opportunity to receive the fellowship. The commission has also left its National Fellowship For Persons With Disabilities Correction of application window open. Government announces the announcement of fellowships to persons with Disabilities. These details are as are as follows.

Who can be qualified? 400 Fellowships available for students who are enrolled in MFA or PhD programs last year or in this year’s. They are available under the title of National Fellowships for Persons with Disabilities under the Ministry of Social Justice and Empowerment.

The fellowships are given out for two academic years under the auspices of University Funding Committee (UGC) which is 200 students each year. The announcement was made to make applications for the academic years 2018-2019 and 2019-2020. years.

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National Fellowship for Persons with Disabilities
UGC National Fellowship for Persons with Disabilities
Name of the Fellowship National Fellowship for PwD
Title Application for the National Fellowship 2023 under NFPwD scheme
Subject UGC issued its National Fellowship for Persons with Disabilities 2023 notice
Category Fellowship
Last Date to Apply March 31, 2023
The number of slots is 200 slots
National Fellowship for PwD

Selection Methodology: Candidates who have submitted applications in this Fellowship are awarded points determined by merit based upon the marks they have earned in their Masters or Graduate Program. University Grants Commission (UGC) on behalf of the Department of Empowerment of Persons with Disabilities (DEPwD), Ministry of Social Justice & Empowerment invites applications from qualified applicants for the National Fellowship for Persons with Disabilities (NFPwD) for the years of selection between 2018-19, and the 2019-2021.

Under this plan it will become offered to students that are covered by “The Persons with Disability (Equal Opportunities Protection of Rights as well as Full Participation) Act, 1995. So, a person who has an impairment who wants to take advantage of the benefits offered under the Act is required to get an official Disability certificate through the medical authorities that have been informed of the need.

It is possible to fill 200 slot available each year . There is a provision of a reservation of 15 percent to Scheduled Castes, and 7.5 percent to Scheduled Tribes. The selection process will be based strictly on merit and by what percentage marks achieved by the candidates who have passed the Post Graduation (PG) examination following verification of their applications. The selection will be made from candidates who have submitted their applications by way of online application through the official portal of UGC.

Following the selection process, UGC will release the names of the candidates selected for provisional selection. They are allowed into the fellowship after verification of information and facts supplied on their online applications. Candidates who apply for the fellowship are not eligible for any other financial benefits in the form of monetary benefits or other purposes from Central as well as the State Government or other bodies such as UGC.

The online applications can be filed on the web portal
The deadline for submitting application online is on February 15, until 5.00 midnight.
It is important to note that only the selection process will be conducted by UGC and the rest of the formalities like communication with candidates and awarding fellowships will be handled directly through DEPwD, Ministry of Social Justice & Empowerment. Students with disabilities who is accepted into an M.Phil/Ph.D degree and who is conducting research in a regular or full time in a University or academic institution after completing the necessary formalities to be admitted to that particular University or academic institution will be qualified for the fellowship.

The scheme applies to all universities/ institutions recognized by the UGC/Government India. The employees of any University, college/ educational institution, or Central/ Stateor UT Government shall be excluded from obtaining the fellowship regardless of whether they are in study leave or on extra Ordinary leave (EOL) to complete the MPhil/PhD program.

The fellowship is due for a maximum duration of 5 years. The fellowship begins on the date that is stated hereinafter:

The selection Year 2018-19: 01.04.2018 or actual date of admission/registration of the candidate for M.Phil./Ph.D., whichever is later.
The selection Year 2019-20: 01.04.2019 or actual date of admission/registration of the candidate for M.Phil./Ph.D., whichever is later.


Description of Course. Maximum duration
M.Phil. 2 years or the submission of dissertation, whichever comes first.
M.Phil.Plus Ph.D. 5 years after beginning of Fellowship or until the time of submission the Ph.D. thesis the thesis, whichever occurs first.
Ph.D. five years old or until the time of submission or submission of Ph.D. thesis or until submission of thesis, whichever comes first.
UGC National Fellowship Duration for Persons with Disabilities 2020
At present, the fellowship rate in JRF and SRF under the program, can be described below:

Fellowship @Rs.25,000/-p.m. for the initial two years as JRF.
@Rs.28,000/-p.m. for the remaining time as SRF.
Contingency (Humanities & Social Sciences including Arts/Fine Arts) @Rs.10,000/-p.a. for the first two years (JRF)
@Rs.20,500/-p.a. for the remaining tenure(SRF)
Contingency (Science, Engineering & Technology) @Rs.12,000/-p.a. Initial two-year (JRF)
@Rs.25,000/-p.a. for the remainder of period (SRF)
Escorts/Reader assistance @Rs.2,000+ p.m. in the case of applicants with visual and physical impairments.
HRA As per Govt. of India rules.
UGC National Fellowship Amount for People with Disabilities 2020
Note: Following 2 years, should development of the research of the awardee is considered satisfactory, the fellowship can be extended for an additional three years as a Senior Research Fellow (SRF). The research is evaluated by a three-member evaluation committee created at the request of the University. The committee will comprise comprising the Director/Supervisor, the Head the Department, and an external specialist in the field.

JRF can be terminated if advancement of the candidate isn’t accepted to the Committee. The SRF is sanctioned on a an annual basis based upon the recommendation from the Supervisor of the candidate who has been accepted or rejected by the head of the Department and then accepted by Vice-Chancellor. The duration of the being awarded JRF and SRF cannot exceed five years.

(i) A suitable single-seated hostel accommodation is available for the students at the institutes. In such instances the candidate is entitled to pay only the fees for hostels without mess electric, water and other charges and so on. A certificate to this effect is to be furnished through the Registrar/Director/Principal. HRA is not permitted for applicants who are living at a Hostel accommodation.

(ii) In the event in the event of hostel accommodations not being available The fellow can be accommodated in a single-room by the institution hosting him. In these cases the amount of rent that the fellow pays on an actual basis will be refunded in accordance with the maximum of HRA in accordance with the Government. of India regulations.

(iii) (iii) If the person decides to arrange his own lodging, they could be eligible to draw HRA according to classification of cities made by the Government. of India. 9. Medical: No distinct or fixed medical assistance is offered. However, the fellow may avail of the medical facilities available in the University/Institution/College.

A maximum of 30 days during a year, in additions to public holidays can be taken by the person who is running. However, they’re not allowed to take any other vacation like winter, summer and the pooja holiday.
Candidates can take paternity or maternity leave at the full rate of the fellowship, as per the rules of the Government. of India guidelines once in the period that the fellowship award is in effect.
Academic leave: Fellows can be granted academic leave (without the fellowship and other compensation) for a time not exceeding one year within the period of award for academicor teaching assignment or foreign visit as part of research.
The expense for travel cannot be claimed by UGC. The time spent away without fellowship will count toward the duration.
If the awardee wishes to apply for any other fellowship/paid assignment/examination conducted by a public body during the tenure of the fellowship, he/ she is not required to obtain NOC from UGC. If selected the applicant would be required to submit a the resignation of the Fellowship.
Note: All kind of leave shall be approved by the respective University/Institution.
The payment of fellowships or any other allowance that is admissible must be paid to recipients through their bank accounts using DBT mode. It is the Ministry of Social Justice vide notification number 428 of 16 February 2017 has issued a notice confirming Aadhaar as an identity document in accordance with Section 7 of the Aadhaar Act 2016, for all fellowship/scholarship schemes.

National Fellowship Persons Disabilities Online Apply 2023 NFPWD Application at

If the Fellow decides to resign or terminates the fellowship before the end of their tenure the information can be provided by the relevant University or institution to the appropriate web portal and the stop/discontinue payment links can be utilized during the month of confirmation.
Transfer of research positions is only permitted once in the course of the entire duration. Transfers can be done through the university/ institution on its own website using the appropriate link that is available.

The fellowship could be subject to termination in the event of misdeed.

Research work is not progressing as expected.

A candidate later is found not eligible.

The candidate is already availing scholarship/fellowship from any other sources.

The candidate is employed in the course of their M.Phil/PhD research. Any false information furnished by the applicant or any fraudulent activity by the Scholar/Fellow/Research Awardee

The documents needed for the online submission

Domicile Certificate

Scanned Copy of Disabilities Certificate

Caste Certificate (in the case in the case of OBC/SC/ST/SC) issued by a competent authority, viz. Tehsildar/SDM etc.

Scanned Copy of Candidate’s Recent Color Photograph And Signature

Scanned Copy of Master Degree Marksheet

Declaration/Certificate from Head of Department/Institution or competent authority of the University/Institute/College to the effect of forwarding of application and necessary facilities will be provided to the candidates during research of M.Phil/Ph.D. respectively(from the place of research where candidates have already been registered for M.Phil/Ph.d)

How do you fill out the online form:

Fill in Personal Information such as disabilities and caste certificates. An ID for registration of a candidate will be generated after the completion of step 1. It could be used to generate pdf files once the process of submission is complete.

Fill-in Research Work that includes the subject, research topic department, subject, etc.

Fill-in Other Information including Scholarships/Present employment etc.

Declaration and Final Submission

The NFPwD scheme applies to all institutions and universities recognized by the UGC and the Government of India. The maximum length that the Fellowship can be granted is for two years or until the submission of dissertation which is the earlier date in the case of MPhil or five years at the time of the fellowship’s beginning or until the submission of the PhD thesis, whichever comes the earlier date to be used for MPhil and PhD. The maximum timeframe will be five years until the time of submission of the PhD thesis, which ever is later for PhD.

How can I fill out an application for the PwD Fellowship in 2023?

The University Grants Commission (UGC) has issued its National Fellowship notification and apply for grants fellowships to students who have disabilities under the National Fellowship for Persons with Disabilities (NFPwD) scheme. Candidates can apply online on the official site that is operated by UGC, Candidates are eligible to apply for a total of 200 slots in the fellowship. In order to apply to the National Fellowship for Persons with Disability will follow the easy steps.

Visit the Website

Candidates should go to the official website of the University Grants Commission (UGC), website in your device’s web browser.

Simply click on the View All button

Once you reach the official website, click on the View All Button at Scholarship/Fellowships section on the home page.

Click on the View Details Information button

After clicking on that link, e-Scholarship-Fellowship Award Registration Tracking System web page will appear. Under”Fellowships,” search at ‘National Fellowships for Persons with Disabilities’. Then click on the ‘See Details Click here to view details information.

Click on Apply Now Link

Once you click that link, the National Fellowship for Persons with Disabilities web page will be displayed. On this page Click on the “Apply Now.

Register Yourself

Once you click that link After clicking that link, a new registration page will be displayed. Sign up yourself with basic information.

Fill the Application Form

After completing the registration, fill in all the vital details and then fill in an application form.

Download the Application Form

Once you have completed an application on the form click”submit button. After that, the application form will be completed and saved to be used in the future.

UGC National Fellowship for Persons with Disabilities

National Fellowship Persons Disabilities Online Apply 2023 NFPWD Application at

Who is eligible to submit an application to be considered for National Fellowship?

Any disabled student who has been accepted for MPhil or PhD degree and is pursuing research in full-time mode at an academic institution or university is qualified to submit an application for award.

What is the process of selection?

The selection process will be conducted by merit and in accordance with the marks scored by the candidate during their post-graduation test. After the selection processis completed, UGC will announce a list of the chosen applicants on their website.

What is the amount of the amount of the stipend?

The scheme provides a grant of 31,000 Rs per month is offered during the first 2 years of JRF (Junior Research Fellow) and Rs 35,000 per month is provided for the remainder of the time in the role of SRF (Senior Research Fellow). The candidates selected will receive a set amount for contingency (humanities and Social Sciences, which includes fine arts and art) as well as contingency (science engineering, science and science). Additionally, those with visual and physical impairments will receive an amount of Rs.2,000 per month for readers’ assistance or escorts. Additionally, House Rent Allowance (HRA) is also available according to the government’s norms.